Library News

New service at Syston library
Syston library have now introduced a chip and pin service for customers who wish to pay by debit or credit card for amounts over £5. You can now hire your favourite films, talking books and pay for charges and not worry about carrying cash or a cheque book. There is a large collection of new books to borrow on ‘Dementia’ and many others in our health and wellbeing collection. Also, if you are thinking of buying a tablet or an IPAD then why not book a one to one session taster session with our friendly staff and learn the basics for only £6 per hour. Isn’t that fantastic!
Come along and try out our new services.
Easter events and activities
Syston library will be organising various activities for children leading up to and during Easter holidays. Watch the space or visit Syston library to find out more.
For further information contact Syston library on 0116 305 3500.