March Letters

Dear Editor
The public footpath between 117 and 119 Central Avenue Syston, also at the rear of 119/125 Central Avenue and 66 Oxford Street Syston.
On the original planning application to build the housing estate in the fields at the rear of Central Avenue, the builders stated that the existing public footpath through the housing estate and behind 119/125 Central Avenue and 66 Oxford Street would be laid down to Tarmac. I know there have been a number of alterations to the original application, for instance the two storey houses were, in many cases revised to three storeys. However, although the public pathway between the houses has been laid down to tarmac the pathway at the rear of 119/125 Central Avenue and 66 Oxford Street was, in part overlaid with quarry mill waste and then forgotten. The footpath between 116 and 119 Central Avenue is a disgrace, this wide pathway has been left without any form of hard topping and now, as it is used by cycles and even motorcycles is being churned up into a mud bath, bordered either side with nettles. Is the Syston Town Council responsible for this footpath? If so I would think it would be in their place to contact the builders to do something about this disgraceful footpath.
Derek Cox.

Dear Editor
Further to the letter from David Ward published in the Dec/Jan issue of the Stn.
I agree with David, it is absolutely disgusting that dog owners walking their pets do not clean up the mess. This applies not only to the park at Wreake Valley, but also on the pavements around the town.
The problem at the Wreake Valley playing fields is however easily solved.
There is a notice at the edge of the playing field stating that ‘It is forbidden to exercise dogs, ride motorbikes and practice golf by order 547 of the education act 1996’.
So it is not a case of erecting costly fencing, or owners cleaning up the mess, but that dogs should not even be on the playing field in the first place! This is obviously being ignored, and needs to be enforced. I would suggest that a representative from the school should consult the police. The offenders should be made aware of the notice, and fines imposed if the offence is repeated.
I, and am sure David Ward would like to know, possibly through the Stn what steps are to be taken to eradicate this disgusting, selfish behaviour.
Steve Chester
Syston resident

Dear Editor
As a constituent of Charnwood I would like to inform the Voters of what is happening to our Constituency.Is it any wonder that the electorate is despondent over national politics when the Charnwood Conservative Constituency selects a Westminster city councillor to stand for election!
Mr Argar will contest the seat that is being vacated by Stephen Dorrell after his revelation that he will stand down at the May election.
Mr Hanif Asmal. the Charnwood Conservative Association Chairman, says that Mr Argar has not been “parachuted in” to contest a 15000 Tory majority.
However, Mr Argar is a candidate who does not know Charnwood, has probably never been here, and presumably, has no connection with the Borough!
He will also succeed Mr Dorrell who has taken a job, whilst still being an M.P, with KPMG, a company which has everything to do with the privatisation of the NHS.
It is no wonder at all that people are despondent, especially younger people, who have ‘turned off’ from voting for politicians who do not care who represents local democracy!
William Hill

Dear Editor
Is it only me that has noticed a large increase in litter around our town?
Driving along the bypass, the verges either side and the central barrier are covered with litter. As is the large roundabout at the Hobby Horse.
What is the point of residents in Syston and Charnwood recycling if the lorries that transport the litter to the depot spread it carelessly along our roadside verges. Watermead Park is nationally recognised as a major nature reserve, this amount of litter can do nothing for the wildlife or the appearance when travelling through our countryside.
Can our County Councillors please do something about finding out who is responsible for creating this increased health risk to wildlife and to help get our environment cleaned up?
I also noticed a pile of takeaway containers dumped at the bus stop opposite Roundhill Academy today Sunday 15th February – there is no waste bin for the public to put rubbish into – perhaps that would help, we can’t expect people to keep the area tidy if no waste bins are provided!
Yours hopefully
A concerned resident.

Dear Editor 
I wonder if the Council will EVER get round to repairing the paving stones near the Newsagents up Melton Road. These really are in an unsightly and even dangerous state – shattered, jagged, sunken, constantly threatening to trip people up so that they break their noses, and sue the council for negligence.
It’s bound to happen, but until then I doubt the problem will be addressed by the Council.
P Gray
For Readers Information Stn has been informed that the area mentioned in the above letter is privately owned and that a contractor has been appointed to repair the slabs. Unfortunately, due to the inclement weather the work cannot be undertaken as it will impair the quality of the work and duration of the repair. It is scheduled to be repaired in April 2015.