New Barkby WI

Mrs B Saunders, President, welcomed members to the February meeting.
Speaker was Felicity Austin, who spoke on the life and times of Jane Austen (1775-1817) during the reign of George III. She was one of eight children born to clergyman George and his wife Cassandra. Jane probably inherited her love of writing from her mother and based her stories on a few families she knew of around Hampshire where she lived. She wrote of what people ate and how they lived, but was not concerned about the French revolution or the battle of Waterloo, so these were never mentioned. Young children usually had a tutor and were taught to dance well as this subject would be an entrance into the marriage market.
When women married they would wear a cap, the amount of frills indicating how wealthy they were. Dresses were tightly corseted with pockets hidden underneath, all sewn by hand as sewing machines were yet to be invented!
Leicester at that time was a market town enclosed with medieval walls. There were toll roads and the beginning of the canal network was in 1794.
Mrs D Wright gave the vote-of-thanks on the fascinating insight into those times and everyone was invited to view the display from that period.
Competition for the letter ‘I’ was won by Mrs B Wigmore – a small flat Iron on a stand for using on pleats and frills.
Mrs Mary Gamble won the competition bowl for gaining the most points in last years competitions.
The raffle was won by Mrs P Vernon-Wilson and the Tea Hostesses were Mrs J Bishop and Mrs S Gamble.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th March – Antiques and collectable jewellery, Syston community centre 7.30pm. Visitors welcome.