STN report on the Full Town Council Meeting 28th January 2015

There were four members of the public present including one police officer and twelve Town Councillors.
Adjournment for public
One item raised about ownership of footpath between back of Oxford St and the New development. The Chairman asked for letter to be forwarded to him to enable him to find out.
This was read by Cllr Steve Hampson. After which he reflected on the fact that the meeting had been changed due to an important decision that had to be made by the conservative association for the proposed parliamentary candidate, and with 15 members of the town council being Conservatives it was necessary to move the council meeting – this is allowed. One councillor objected and questioned the legality of the change. Cllr S Hampson had checked with Charnwood Borough Council and was told he was legal and had given one day extra than was required for a change.
Clr M Carnal commented that he thought it reasonable but he had not received an invite to the previous nights meeting.
Apologies for absence was given by CC D Houseman, Town Councillors; Henry, Vardy, Patel, K. Pacey and M Pacey, Asmal.
No declarations of interest made.
Police report
Sergeant Ryan Ludlam gave a report to the council about crimes reported during December. There had been one burglary of a dwelling where a rear door was left insecure, he advised residents to ensure doors and windows are kept locked when home or out. There had been four burglaries of non dwellings reported, four were sheds broken into on the Syston allotments, he advised to have shed alarms or alarmed padlocks fitted.
There had been three thefts from retail premises including perfumes, Christmas wreaths and items from a charity food bank – two suspects have been identified. There were 13 reports of theft from vehicles, eight of these were insecure. Two were stolen plates, two were smashed windows and one was a forced lock. The police ask that all vehicles are locked properly and not to leave valuables/tools inside and to have tamperproof screws fitted to number plates.
All meetings minutes agreed and adopted.
Chairmans Announcements
Cllr S Hampson spoke about the coming election on 7th May, and said that it is not just a General Election but Borough and Town Councils. He reminded councillors that the council is not automatically elected and that the best way was by being a member of a local political party, although independent candidates can stand, but political parties help candidates. He offered advice to anyone interested in becoming a candidate.
Members Questions
Cllr P Turner asked about the budget for charitably donations, it was to be put onto the resources committee agenda.
Housing of Syston Police – after much discussion and clarification of what the police need, the council agreed to allow the police to use a small room within the community centre as a beat office that will not be open to the public – see separate article on page?
County and Borough Councillors’ Reports
Cllr T Barkley spoke about the work he does at the Borough council and referred to a couple of press releases relating to taxis being stopped and checked, and also a prosecution for fly tipping and said it was easy to operate within the law as residents can ring the council and have large items collected from their home address at no extra cost. He then talked about the community grants available.
Cllr S Hampson spoke about a presentation on Culture at the Borough Council. He then spoke about the changes in the County Council’s budget and the way prime areas such as looking after the elderly and young people would be protected, but in order to do that other areas would be affected, including the proposed closure of the Snibston Museum. He reassured council that the Charnwood Museum in Loughborough would not be affected as the building is owned by the Borough Council.

Fiona Henry, Editor.

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