Syston Bowlers Introduce ‘Pay & Play’

2015 recruitment drive gets underway
As part of their preparations for the opening of the 2015 Season on 4th April, Syston Bowling Club is launching a new grade of membership in a bid to attract more players to the game.
The unemployed and those on benefits can already qualify for a one year free membership. Anyone still in full-time education qualifies for a flat rate £10 per annum subscription. Now, for anyone else who would like to try the game, but who is unable or unready to commit to full participation in the programme of fixtures and competitions, the Club is offering ‘Pay and Play’ membership for a basic annual fee of £10 plus £3.50 per game played. (The 2015 annual membership subscription for a full Club Member is £97.50.)
In a joint statement, Club Presidents, Ken Renshaw and Sheila Aindow, say: We are keen to attract new members, especially younger players, to our Club. However, we recognise that those who are still working have only limited time to spare to devote to sports and other recreational activities. They are simply not able to make themselves available for selection for matches against other Clubs or for involvement in Club competitions. It might simply be a lack of confidence that holds them back from immediate, full commitment. It is not surprising if such potential members feel that they would not get value for money if they joined as full Members. Nevertheless, we would like to see as many people as possible benefit from the fitness, friendship and fun that is provided through the great game of bowls, a sport in which the young and old of both sexes can play on equal terms, accessed through a vibrant Club like Syston.
In answer to these special conditions, and in order to minimise the barriers to participation, we are now offering such individuals this special membership deal. The £10 + £3.50 ‘Pay & Play’ deal offers unlimited opportunity to play as often or as little as it suits individual circumstances. Full Members will always be available to give advice and coaching at no extra cost. Sets of bowls (woods) are available on free loan. The only equipment needed is a pair of grey trousers, a white shirt and flat soled shoes.
Under normal circumstances, the incentive is expected to be available for an initial one year only. However, subject to approval by the Club, this period might be extended according to personal circumstances.”
Anyone wishing to take advantage of the scheme – or who would like further details of full membership conditions, costs and benefits – should contact one of the Club Secretaries – Rob Wilbourn (Tel: 01664 424 814 email: [email protected]) or Valerie Foreman (Tel: 0116 2609 635 email: [email protected])