Gables Day Nursery Holiday Club

We have enjoyed another busy and exciting half term holiday club. The group were really interested in medieval times and so they busily built a castle from big cardboard boxes whilst dressed up as knights. Each child created a mosaic knight picture using glitter foil tiles.
They really enjoyed constructing and soon a large part of the holiday club room was dominated by a fort that the children made out of wooden off cuts. They built it in a circular shape and added lots pf great features such as archways, bridges and columns.
They also designed, and made, a fantastic ‘marble’ run made from tubes of different sizes and textures and attached it to the wall. They then rolled their nursery-made salt dough balls down the tubes, catching them at the bottom in containers.
We cannot wait until next time to see what fantastic inventions will be brought to life!
We are running another school holiday club from Monday 30th March to Thursday 2nd April and we are already taking bookings for this….if you are interested please pop in and speak to Jenny or Michelle.