New Barkby WI

Mrs B. Saunders, Preseident, welcomed New Barkby members and visitors to the institute’s March meeting. Members remembered former member, Mrs Maisie Barker, who had recently passed away.
The designated speaker was unable to attend, but, at short notice, Debra Spencer , from Long Clawson Dairy, Leicestershire spoke on the Stilton Cheese produced by the Dairy.
A farmer’s wife, from near Melton Mowbray, created Stilton Cheese in the eighteenth century and it developed a blue vein, quite naturally. Nowadays the blue vein is introduced into the cheese with penicillin. The cheese is then placed onto wooden racks and turned regularly, reaching maturity in sixteen weeks.
Members were provided with tasty morsels of blue Stilton with dips and white Stilton, which was made at Long Clawson Dairy before blue Stilton.
The cheese has won many awards at different dairy and Cheese shows and members enjoyed being able to purchase an assortment of cheese after the talk.
On Saturday 7th March, several members were able to attend the Leicestershire and Rutland Federation’s Annual Council Meeting, held at Leicester Grammar School, with Angela Rippon as guest speaker.
The vote of thanks was made by Mrs P. Warren, the competition ‘C’ was won by Mrs J. Goulden with a Winston Churchill Crown Coin. The raffle was won by by Mrs P. Elson, Mrs A. Gale and Mrs V Cobb.Tea hostesses were Mrs P. Elson and Mrs J. Hawes.
A Quiz evening took place on Wednesday 18th March.
Our next meeting will take place on Wednesday 1st April, 7.30pm at Syston Community Centre. The speaker will be Mr G. B. Smith on ‘Behind the scenes at the Chelsea Flower Show’.
Visitors are welcome to attend.