A Spring Tapestry

It is often the colour and form of flowers which attracts our attention. Texture comes a poor third but a design without variety and contrast in texture can be static.Flower Arranging 4
This design uses the contrasting texture of the flowers themselves (smooth, rough) and texture created by the grouping and patterns created by the plant material.
In this low arrangement in a round shallow tin I have used Spring flowers to create a tapestry of colour and texture. Most of the flowers were cut short. The vivid violet Carnations (just three) grouped, the green and white Chrysanthemums arranged in pools of colour. One green Anastasia was chosen for its shaggy appearance and a few Eryngium ‘thistles’ for their prickly feel. The buds of the pink Ranuculus and the yellow Hellebores (both of smooth texture) were left taller to give a change of height and so that their beauty could be appreciated.
Finally I added some twigs from the Lime tree looped over the design for movement.Flower Arranging 3

Gayle Shell