Snakes and Charles Darwin

The April meeting of the Leicestershire Speakers was kicked off by Sue Coleman who gave her maiden reading at the club, which was a poem entitled Snake by D.H. Lawrence. This certainly made a few members squirm!
The first speech was delivered by Wyn Glen, which was a reading of an article about the changing nature of Shropshire’s flora. Wyn then invited three members from the audience to share their comments about her reading. The combination of a reading, together with comments, made an interesting change to usual proceedings.
Val Christie then gave a review of the book Shadows of the Workhouse by Jennifer Worth. The review interestingly followed the format of a typical book review one might read in a newspaper.
The third speech for the evening was delivered by Mark Glover about Gregor Mendel and Charles Darwin and their contribution to genetics. The speech was full of interesting facts, humorous and engaging.
Bev Capewell was in-charge of topics. The general theme was to describe how a given personality would feel the night before real life events. Participants were requested to use expression and movement throughout their mini speeches.