Stn report on the Full Town Council Meeting 24th March 2015

There were six members of the public present including two PCSOs and two neighbourhood watch members. The were also 16 councillors present.
There were no matters raised by the public.
Reflection was read by Cllr J Lucas.
Apologies were received for Cllrs Lillie, Gee, Hampson, Vardy and CC Houseman.
There were no declarations of interest made.
Chairmans Announcements and Communications
It was announced that there would be an official handover of the coffee shop/youth cafe at the Syston Methodist Church on Tuesday 31st March, see separate article on page ???
Police Report
PCSO Jo Freeman reported that in February there had been two burglaries of dwellings next door to each other and a vehicle was taken from one. Both had insecure back doors. The police advised residents to lock all doors whilst in as well as out and to be careful where handbags and keys are stored. There and also been three burglaries of non dwellings. One was a shed that had been forced, another shed and a garage had been left insecure. The advice was to lock all outer buildings preferably with alarmed padlocks. One report of damage to the pavilion was made where youths had damaged the roof, unfortunately no one had been identified due to the lack of CCTV or witnesses. Two thefts for retina premises were reported with one suspect being identified. Two motor vehicles thefts had been reported, a motorcycle taken from Tesco car park and a car taken from the train station car park which was left insecure. There was a large number of thefts from motor vehicles across Syston with insecure vehicles, windows smashed and vans with side doors being forced, targeting tools. These have mainly happening around 1.00 to 2.00am and the advice to residents is not to leave valuables in vehicles and make sure the vehicles are secure.
PCSO Jo Freeman then spoke about
the activities that they were taking part in throughout April, these were published in the April issue of Stn. She finished with the news that a prolific shoplifter operating in Syston had been identified, arrested and charged. Also a local offender of Common Assault had been charged.
Neighbourhood Watch (NHW)
A presentation was given by Nicola Ledger about a proposal for new NHW signs to be located at each main route into Syston. The objective was to raise awareness of NHW schemes in Syston, to encourage and increase membership and engagement by local community in helping to reduce crime. She also said that the signs should also act as a deterrent for anyone with any criminal intent. The NHW campaign would require eight metal signs, measuring 600mm in diameter, displaying the national NHW logo in black and yellow. It was thought that approval from the LCC would be required. An initial quote for these signs was £43.20 plus £2.50 per fitting kit per sign with a total cost of £365.60. It was noted that a competent and insured person employed by Syston Town Council (STC) would be required to erect the signs. They requested Syston Town Council to fund the signs. And stated that Birstall Parish Council had successfully displayed similar signs for many years and had reported a reduction in crime figures in that area.It was agreed to relocate one of the proposed signs on Barkby Road to Wanlip Road as it was a recognised lorry route into Syston.
Council agreed to take this to the next Resources Meeting and to have additional quotes from local companies available for approval.
Borough and County Cllrs Reports
Cllr T. Barkley advised Members of his service on the Personnel Committee at Charnwood Borough Council (CBC). He had chaired the Joint Negotiating Committee, an arena for union representatives to air their views. He also reported that The Great Central Railway Liaison Group were working on the extension line from Loughborough to Ruddington. Charnwood Health and Wellbeing Forum were considering ways to improve health provisions in the Borough by working with various agencies. CBC had arranged for a full sports and leisure programme to accommodate five to 16 year olds during the Easter holidays.
Cllr K. Pacey reported there had been two licencing appeals and two reviews. Two licencing meetings had been held, predominately considering taxi licences. Only a small number of taxis in the borough were licenced to carry disabled passengers and CBC were looking at ways to increase this provision. Two alcohol licences in restaurants had been revoked. Cllr K. Pacey had recently joined the Road Safety Committee.
All meetings agreed and accepted.
Review of standing orders
Cllrs received a report on these and discussed them briefly before proposing to accept the amendments and gain authorisation by the monitoring officer at CBC before the next full council meeting in April.
Gambling Licence Application
A request had been received and circulated. Cllr K Pacey proposed and council agreed that this should be disallowed in the future.
Town Manager report
This was circulated and approved by the council.
Members questions received to the chairman
One question received was rejected as it had arrived outside the two days notice requirement as stated in the standing orders.