The Gables Day Nursery

We have been lucky enough to have some surprise visitors for an Easter treat, two small chicks came to meet us, the children had a stroke of their fluffy bodies and spoke about how big they would grow and the noise they made. The children all took part in a bonnet parade in our outdoor space, a massive well done to all the children and parents for being so creative. The children all received a chocolate Easter egg for their hard work and effort. With the help of Barbara and Mike Ward (Jacobs grandparents) to judge the event we were able to pick three lucky winners for the parade and they were given a special prize for all their hard work.
More exciting news – We have had our new grass fitted (phew!) Gables is now the proud owner of artificial grass, the children and parents love it. So much so we spend most of our time out there now, no more mud and mess (apart from when we are pie making in the mud kitchen…very messy but so much fun..)
The transition from nursery to school is fast approaching and the staff are busy organising a graduation event for all the leavers, so watch this space for an update on the exciting event.

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