Wonderful Wales

The 23rd March saw a lucky group of Year 6 pupils descend on Min-y-don for the annual Wales Trip, a trip which saw excited students engage in a range of outdoor and indoor activities from canoeing to bush craft and everything in between! Over the five day trip year 6 also made the most of the nearby activity centre in its lovely setting by playing nightly games and toasting marshmallows around a campfire. A nice rest in amongst so much excitement!
Min-y-don agents was a favourite activity from the trip amongst the group, pupils had to make themselves camouflaged by putting charcoal on their faces and then complete a number of team building tasks getting progressively harder as they went along, ending in a particularly difficult one which revolved around getting a golf ball (the octopus head – as it was called!) into a hoop. The activity was a lot of fun and enjoyed by all.
One of the many other outdoor activities was rock climbing. Attached to harnesses each child had a go at either an easy, medium or hard climb depending on how confident they felt.
Canoeing isn’t everyone’s cup of tea but once all kitted out in lifejackets the group were ready to go on this trip! They got into their new best friends (the canoes) and rowed until they reached a spot perfect for their first game. They played musical canoes were they had to move around in their canoes without falling in to the river; luckily no one fell in! After a few more games the group rowed back to where they started and were allowed to jump into the water to celebrate such a great day.
Survival skills were put to the test in bush craft; this activity saw pupils learning how to turn dirty water into clean water by using moss and sticks to filter it, shelter building, and building a fire.
Good at map reading with a great sense of direction? Then orienteering would have been for you! Pupils had maps with different points on, some far away and some close, the aim was to get to all the stops and stamp the places on the sheet when they got there. After finishing the first map they could then choose to go onto a harder one.
Not one for pupils scared of heights the high ropes were also a great part of the trip. The first thing the student had to do was to be attached to harnesses and begin climbing towards the first platform in the sky which they had to walk across doing different things. A lot of the group’s favourite part was the leap of faith which was as exciting and nerve-racking as it sounds!
The zip wire was also extremely popular, they all had to climb onto a wooden pole first to get to a podium, after climbing up they got connected to a zip wire and jumped off. They could go down the zip wire backwards, forwards, blindfolded or spinning!
After a mini course to get used to the bikes, steering through cones and over boards, a three mile bike ride to Barmouth meant pupils got to brush up on their bike riding skills, getting the chance to practice riding up hills – you needed a lot of power to get to the top of some!
Releasing their inner Robin Hoods the group were split into three teams in archery along with the teachers to see how many points they could get, for the first couple of rounds pupils aimed for the bulls eye (the yellow area on the target) Then Chris the Archery instructor attached balloons for an extra target worth 25 points. A great activity for all, especially Mr Chamberlain’s winning team!
Overall the trip proved a huge success with pupils and teachers alike; coming away with new skills, increased confidence and great memories. Whether it was orienteering, rock climbing, bike riding, archery or just toasting marshmallows there was something for everyone and hopefully next year’s trip will be just as much fun!
Ella Ings and Eleanor Hill both in year 6 .