Family’s Triple Celebration for Florrie

On Saturday 18th April, family and friends gathered at The Malt House Suite for a triple birthday celebration. Florrie 100 years young, her son Dave 70 and his daughter Steph 40 years.

Florrie, Dave and Steph
Florrie, Dave and Steph

Steph, her brother, Andy along with their children, Erin and Isaac spoke about Florrie who was born in Leicester, and the youngest of nine children and a world war one baby.
She left school at 14 and began working in a hosiery factory, and used to walk two miles to work and back, and the same for lunch!!At the outbreak of World War Two she went to work in a munitions factory. She married in 1940 aged 25 years in St Marks Church, Leicester.She also spoke about her dad, Dave who was born in 1945, and said “that they have a lot of laughs, usually at his expense, but he is the best granddad and dad you could ask for and she thanked him for everything he does. Returning to Florrie she said that after Dave was born she worked in an engineering factory, near Hamilton as it is now.Following their Dad, there are two grandchildren and their respective partners, and two lovely great-grandchildren, Erin and Isaac.She spoke about her and Andy’s earliest memories spending time in her home in Thurnby Road before she moved to Syston, over 30 years ago. We did used to go on holiday with Grandma, and have some great memories of this, along with spending Christmas with her too, and she would spend hours with us, playing with whatever we got that year, and she had the patience of a saint.”
Andy and Steph reminisced about the time they stayed with Florrie during their school holiday’s, turning her kitchen into a huge den with sheets, blankets, empty the biscuit tin and basically turn the place into a tip and she must have been exhausted, but she was always ready with a smile the next day, her rice pudding and jam is legendary.Florrie receiving her telegram and flowers from Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood 2
They said that it is only now as parents do they realise the time she gave up so they could be with her during school holiday times and they thanked her very much. Her home is still very child friendly for Isaac and Erin to do the same, the biscuit tin is always full for them too.Finally, to name just a few of the events Florrie has witnessed in the past century, the 1936 Abdication, man walking on the moon, two world wars and one world cup!And some of the best inventions.… stainless steel, TV, the pop up toaster, audio cassettes, penicillin, the microwave, mobile phones, the Internet, Mr Potato Head and the Slinky!The evening was to say Happy Birthday and a huge thank you to Florrie, for what she does for her family and friends, your support and love is unconditional, and that they do really appreciate what you do for them and likewise we all love you very much.
It was a very happy evening with a visit by the Mayor and Mayoress of Charnwood Cllr. Paul and Mrs Pauline Day who presented Florrie with a basket of flowers and a framed telegram from the Queen, see our photograph below.
Earlier in the day Florrie had received a bouquet of flowers from the Chairman of the Syston Town Council Cllr Stephen Hampson.