Local Author Releases Debut Paperback

Heartbound CoverLeicestershire author Daniel Burton, former student at Wreake Valley Academy, has joined the hundreds of thousands of self-published authors trying to get their voice heard. In April 2015, Daniel’s debut novel, Heartbound, was printed through Amazon’s print-on-demand company, Createspace.
Daniel first self-published Heartbound as an e-book through Kindle Direct Publishing, where it reached as high as #8 in the Young Adult Ghosts category. After enjoying this success, Daniel then designed the front cover, spine, and back cover and let Createspace do the rest.
“Designing the cover was the trickiest part of the whole process,” he says. “I had a few ideas in mind, but it was getting them to meet Createspace’s guidelines that I had problems with,”
Heartbound is a paranormal thriller novel, aimed at readers around the age of sixteen years of age. It follows the story of a teenage boy, Davey, who is involved in a car crash with his best friend, Jasmine. Tragically, Jasmine dies in the crash and Davey becomes overwhelmed with grief and guilt as he was driving at the time. The novel describes how Davey struggles to cope with Jasmine’s death, and how his friends support him through the difficult time. It is also set in various parts of Leicestershire.
“I’ve lived in Leicester almost all my life,” he explains. “So it was easy to build up the scenery. Authors and artists quite often draw their inspirations from what’s around them, so that’s exactly what I did.”
Daniel now plans to negotiate with bookshops and achieve his dream of getting a book on the shelves. He has already started working on some new works and hopes to release these later on this year.
Heartbound is now available directly from Createspace, or from Amazon.