New Aviary Opens in Memory of Mother

A family from Leicester have donated £1,000 to build a new aviary at Woodside Animal Centre in memory of their mother.
Shantaben Babul Shah, who passed away suddenly 18 years ago, was a strong believer in Jainism and a popular figure in the Jain community.
Every year, in her memory, family and friends hold a ceremony at the Jain temple, and this year the event also included a visit to the animal centre on Scudamore Road to unveil the new aviary.
In Jain philosophy, animals have a special place as Jains believe that every living creature is equal and has a soul, and that humans have a duty to protect them.
Mrs Shah’s daughter, Smita Shah, said: “My mum always used to say that she wished she was a bird so that she could just fly away, and coupled with the beautiful quote my brother put together,’flown but forever in our hearts’, it seemed like building an aviary in her memory would be perfect.
“I am pleased that so many of the Shah family and friends could make it to the opening, and more members of our family across the world will be making plans to come and visit the aviary in the future.
The work the staff and volunteers do at Woodside is fantastic and I look forward to visiting and seeing the aviary when it’s full of birds.”
One visitor at the opening, Nila Mehta, said: “I am so glad I could be a part of this great day. It really is a very unique and thoughtful thing to do in memory of such a special lady.”
Gary Wheway, Branch Manager at Woodside Animal Centre, said: “The new aviary looks great. It is much bigger than our old one. Our previous aviary was very old and falling apart – and without this donation, we wouldn’t have been able to build the new one. The aviary is a fitting tribute to the late Mrs Shah and I hope the family take pride in the fact that it will enable Woodside to re-home more birds than ever before.
The support of the Jainism community continued when they presented Woodside with a special CD containing a Jain prayer and chant for good health and peace to all the animals at the centre.