It’s been a busy year for Wanlip Sailing Club

Our Wet’n’Wild children’s clubs have been well attended, with several children completely new to sailing coming along to have a go.
The more experienced members took the new sailors under their wing, and everyone had fun on the water, despite the very windy conditions which seemed to coincide with each event. When it was too windy for novices, the toppers became rafts for a paddling race, and a wooden raft was constructed, mainly by the adults, who, on the whole, were too shy (or is that sensible) to try have faith in their handy work and venture out on the water – but amazingly it didn’t sink!
Having perfected their raft building technique, the same design was used for the Friends of Chernobyl’s Children (FOCC) who came to us for a day of fun on the water.
Again, it stayed afloat, much to the disgust of the Belarusian children, who wanted it to sink! The FOCC are a charity who provide respite holidays for children aged between seven and 13, who are growing up in the contaminated area affected by the fallout from the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl 30 years ago.
For more information please see their website –
This year Wanlip club members have represented the club at various sailing meets and open events around the country, winning a few trophies along the way, well done to all involved, glad to see the club flag flying high.
As with all events, we could not run them without the support of our members, so a big thank you to all those who have helped on and off the water.
Wanlip Sailing Club