Letters Page April 2017

Dear Editor,
Re: The recent tree fall incident on Upper Church Street Friday 23rd February.

This incident has brought in to sharp focus the issue of mature and neglected trees. We have been campaigning for years for better management of local trees. This type of incident is exactly what we have warned about; (luckily, VERY luckily) no one was injured this time.
How close a near miss do we need before urgent action is taken by those responsible?
It is, however, pleasing to note that the council (Borough and Town) have at long last taken on the issue of tree management within the town boundaries. A Tree Survey has recently been carried out to all (most?) trees on council land within the town. We know that these things take time (and money), but it (the tree fall incident) should however cause those responsible to maybe speed up the rate of work to any trees identified as being in need of remedial (safety) action.
This however, does not address trees on private land (such as the case on Friday). Owners of large mature trees surely have a responsibility to manage their trees in as safe manner as they would with other aspects of their property (loose tiles or drainpipes etc.).
On a related matter, I would like to pass on my congratulations to the council for making a tremendous start to tidying (and maybe even renovating?) the church yard on Upper Church Street. This is something that many of us in Syston have been hoping for a long time as it has been neglected for many years. I suspect that the trees here will also need some maintenance work in the near future. Let’s hope we can look forward to being as proud of our church yard as we are the church itself and the cemetery on Barkby Road.
Name and address supplied.