Seven Year Old Boy Helping Homeless People

Dion at only 7-years-old is going out of his way to make a difference to his community. Every Wednesday evening he goes into Leicester to help provide meals to the homeless!
When he grows up he wants to build houses for all the homeless people he sees!
One evening there was one meal left and he knew exactly who he was taking it to, so off we went to Granby Street to a man with a bad leg who he’s seen a number of times there.
Dion hands the man the bag with a cooked meal and some chocolate, the man shock his hand and then handed a chocolate to Dion said “Please share a chocolate with me”. For someone with nothing and still willing to share really touched my heart.
In a world where we see parents pull their children away from the homeless because they look dirty or dangerous, we are embracing Dion’s passion. 
As a family we are encouraging Dion along this path and we look forward to seeing Dion help each week, making a small difference to peoples lives.
Keep up your good work Dion you are a superstar!
Sent in by a Proud Mum!