August Horoscope

ARIES March 20 – April 19
A partner will be quite wonderful to have around, with their keen wit and determination to enjoy themselves – and they’re determined to take you along on an adventure or two! Yes, travel is well-aspected and so is business, where you and your partner could well consider working together in the long-term. Others are inspired by your positivity.
TAURUS April 20 – May 20
Romance is likely and just when you least expect it, such as ‘at work’ and particularly with a colleague. You’ve also a good deal to do at home, such as DIY projects and general tidying and sorting. Do so whilst you’ve got a good mind to! You’ll let nothing get in the way. Don’t worry if a friend or acquaintance misunderstands you. Just be yourself.
GEMINI May 21 – June 20
A loved one has lightened up considerably just lately and this has been a mighty blessing in itself! Take time out to spend cash on things that delight and uplift you – you deserve nothing less. Life is pretty fun and exciting, with the dull old routine swept away, to make way for something new. Don’t worry if your routine changes. Home is dull in comparison.
CANCER June 21 – July 21
You make plans for a romantic time, with that very someone special! This is a great idea and does you a lot of good. You work hard to earn some big monies and this pleases you also. However, don’t worry if you leave others standing as you dash round them, doing your own thing. It could be that they don’t understand! Give them time to catch up.
LEO July 22 – August 22
You’re looking and feeling great and this – in turn – cheers everyone up around you being as it rubs off! However, you won’t take any prisoners being as you certainly have your work cut out and have to get on. This could well include some travel and business opportunities. Don’t worry if your cash situation is in auto-reverse –just be patient.
VIRGO August 23 – Sept 22
Life stands still at times and you feel as if you’re not really making much progress at the moment. This is because it’s time to ‘stop and smell the roses’, take time out and re-charge your batteries a little. You’ll be very pleased with financial rewards and the fact that you’re managing to save up. You make plans for the future, now that you can afford to.
LIBRA Sept 23 – Oct 22
You’re in a good mood these days and this mood may well continue for the rest of the year. Nothing can get you down and this is because you’re hatching a great cash plan or two. A partner is also helpful! However, you may have to let go of some dream or two that conflicts with practicalities. Talking these through will be helpful. Others are so curious.
SCORPIO Oct 23 – Nov 21
You’re still having to work hard for your cash but the intense pressure is off as things are now starting to come together in this area of your life. You can now make a plan or two where your finances are concerned being as you can – basically – afford to pursue them. This is exciting and uplifting in itself. A new job is likely and you’ll just really love it.
SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 20
You keep wading through endless work and concerns but things have certainly brightened up lately and this trend will continue until mid-October, so take advantage of luckier times and give yourself a break. It’s time to look up a romantic friendship and you’ll benefit greatly from the communication. A good idea really inspires you. Work is a little dull
CAPRICORN Dec 21 – Jan 19
Love finds you in a practical setting, possibly related to a DIY task for example! Friends are keen to catch up with you, so expect exciting invites and new possibilities. Don’t worry if any studies are ‘hitting an obstacle’, you could do with putting things down and resting – and then searching for a fresh perspective. Yes, Summer is here and you want some fun.
AQUARIUS Jan 20 – Feb 17
Love and romance are rocking and you’ll just agree to all your partners wonderful plans,leaving you with little to do but to just ‘turn up’! A friend has a problem and confides ‘all’. You might be lost for ideas but just let them talk and the rest will take care of itself. You’re in a business frame of mind and could well get a new enterprise off the ground.
PISCES Feb 18 – March 19
You’re in a fuzzy frame of mind and may confuse loved ones, breaking practical ways of thought and certainly not ‘doing what is expected’. This is also fun and so don’t worry how you come across! You’re working hard and doing much better than you think, so just keep going because you’re proving yourself to others. Romance is found though a hobby.