Mr Dave Houseman MBE becomes an Honorary Alderman

On Wednesday 28th June, Leicestershire County Council admitted Mr Dave Houseman MBE as an Honorary Alderman of the County of Leicestershire in recognition of the eminent services he has rendered to the people of Leicestershire through the performance of his duties as a member of the County Council from 2005 to 2017.
Former Syston Fosse County Councillor Dave Houseman
The title of honorary alderman was given to Dave Houseman in honour of his ‘exceptional service’ to the authority as he has now retired from active politics.
The non-political position was proposed and seconded by serving members of the county council.
Aldermen are able to:
Attend as an observer at meetings of the council or any other meetings to which the press and public are admitted;
Attend major civic occasions in the county;
Wear the Badge of Office of Honorary Alderman on civic occasions;
On death, have the county flag flown at County Hall at half-mast;
Enjoy the courtesy title of “Honorary Alderman” and to be addressed as such.
The Syston Town News on behalf of the people of Syston would like to congratulate Dave on his recent appointment.