Warning Zone

Our picture below shows Jay, stood back left, presenting a cheque to Anna, right with Year 6 pupils from St Peter and St Paul’s Primary Academy.
On Monday 19th July, the Stn was invited to record Jay, organiser of the Syston Yard Sale, presenting a cheque to the Warning Zone. We were then invited to view the zones in operation.
The Warning Zone, was set up in 2006. It is a life-skills centre and children safeguarding charity. They deliver potentially life-saving messages to children and young people across our City, County and Rutland. Children learn about the dangers of a wide range of situations, including electricity substations, railway lines, deep water, road safety, peer pressure, personal safety, fire and internet security.
They have eight zones plus an E-safety zone, each one is amazingly realistic. The groups see a video to introduce them into each Zone and debrief them afterwards. They learn about the dangers of each situation in a non threatening and fun way, but with a very serious and strong message.
Historically, they have worked with Year-6 children (aged 10/11), catching them at a key transition in their life as they venture in to secondary school. At this point they will make new friendship groups and have new experiences. They will also have more independence and will be responsible for their actions, behaviour and the decisions they make – both offline and online. We aim to reduce the risk of accidental injury and death and also the strain on our emergency services.
The Syston yard sale chose it to be their charity in June 2017 and raised £500! This helped to fund a visit from a group of St Peter and St Paul’s Primary Academy pupils and as our picture shows, they all were enjoying their day at the Warning Zone.
Anna, one of the charity’s co-ordinators, explained that during 2017-18 over 8,800 year-6 children will have visited the Warning Zone. She said it costs £20 per child to provide the sessions and the schools usually contribute £10 per child leaving the charity to cover the other £10. Hence they were very pleased that the Syston Yard Sale raised so much from the sale.
The E-Safety Zone runs alongside, but independently from our existing facility, enabling them to offer this unique experience as part of a full-day activity. The E-safety zone was set up two years ago and was the first of its kind in the country. It discusses the following topics: Online Grooming, Cyber Bullying & Trolling, Protecting Personal Information, Sharing Images and Digital Footprints, Online Phishing (Scamming), Internet Terms and What they Mean (E.g. Cookies, Virus) and the Importance of having a Trusted Adult to talk to.
There is only one piece of technology in the E-Safety Zone and that is a TV which is used in the briefing, debriefing and during our ‘film booth’ activity, all other vital messages are delivered in our retro fun-fair, a stimulating environment filled with hands-on activities.
Almost 9,000 pupils have experienced the E-Safety Zone in academic year 2015/2016. Almost 9,000 are booked to visit during this academic year.
This is a fabulous place which has a small team of staff and relies on volunteers to lead the groups around the facility. The charity gets no direct funding so they are always looking for people to volunteer and also support them via fundraising.
If anyone would like to volunteer to help with the groups of children, please contact the Warning Zone on 0116 262 9739 or visit their website:www.warningzone.org.uk