Furry Fun!

The summer and early autumn months often sees the pitter-patter of tiny feet. And we don’t mean of the human kind. New additions to the family may be making their presence seen – and heard, with woofs, meows and thuds!
If you’ve got a new puppy, kitten, baby rabbit, guinea pig or any manner of furry friend, you’ll be enjoying some bonding time now and getting to grips with your new arrival.
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Here are some top tips to help you settle in your new arrival!
1. Make microchipping top of your list. This will help to reunite you with your new companion if they get lost or stolen. If your pet is already microchipped, it’s vital you keep your details up-to-date. Microchipping can be done for all furry pets and it’s a legal requirement now for all dogs in England to be chipped. Book-in now with a special half price discount during September!*
2. Puppies, kittens and bunnies will need vaccinations before they go out and about in the big wide world. Some might have had their course started at the breeder’s, but it’s important that it’s completed. Puppies and kittens MUST have their first annual booster to ensure complete protection. Yearly vaccinations are then important to top up their immunity. Read more about what they need in our pet advice pages at www.parkvetgoup.com/advice
3. Pesky parasites – nobody wants them! Worms and other hitch-hikers such as fleas and ticks are happily active right now. Ensure your new bundle of fun is fully protected. Not sure what preventative product to choose or how to give it? Come in for your FREE NURSE CREEPY CRAWLIES CHECK, and let our professional team advise you on the ‘best-in-show’ prevention.
4. Ooops! Trip-ups involving new arrivals around the house are common; they do get under your feet! But those little bones are very fragile. We want you all to stay safe, but accidents do happen. Get peace of mind by ensuring you have adequate insurance cover as soon as you pick up your new pet. Also, don’t forget that our Glenfield hospital is open 24/7 for emergencies, where you’ll always see a Park Vet Group vet.
Finally, take a few minutes to check out our Healthy Pets Club FAVOURITES plan! All you need in one simple monthly payment – there are great savings, and it even includes a free consultation in case you have any new arrival mishaps or sickness.
Pop down to see our team at Park Vet Group Scraptoft; we’d love to meet you and your new companion. Find us at 151 Scraptoft Lane, across from the Nuffield Hospital. Follow us on Facebook for #petsummerwellness updates straight to your timeline!
*Half price microchipping at Park Vet Group Scraptoft clinic, during September 2017, while stocks last.