Edward Argar MP Member of Parliament for Charnwood

It was a pleasure, as always, to go the Syston Carnival recently, and this year everyone was able to enjoy some sunshine as they enjoyed the stalls and watched the displays and music – a welcome contrast to the rain last year!
Readers of the STN will recall that in the last edition I mentioned that I had been visiting local businesses affected by a recent spate of break-ins in our area, and was due to meet with Superintendent Shane O’Neill and Local Area Commander for Charnwood Inspector Dwight Barker from Leicestershire Police to discuss the response to these crimes.
Effective policing is one of the most important issues for any community, and the same is true of our community in Syston, and I wanted to take this opportunity to report back on my meeting. The meeting was positive and constructive, and I am grateful to both Shane and Dwight for their openness and the length of time they spent talking with me. We had the opportunity to talk to a number of affected business owners, enabling them to question the police face-to-face. The police reaffirmed to us their firm commitment to local policing, and to addressing this issue in our area; I have also been informed that there have been a number of arrests and they are now in the process of bringing cases to Court, which is a positive development.
We also spent time in the Town Square speaking with local residents about their own concerns and broader priorities for local policing. Our local community is resilient and I’m encouraged by the clear commitment to protecting residents and businesses by Leicestershire Police, but I will continue to press them to ensure we continue to get our fair share of police resources and time to keep our rural towns and villages safe. We also had the opportunity to discuss issues such as the changing challenges faced by the police, for example online and cyber-crime, and the opportunities offered by new technology to help fight crime – for example, I raised with the Officers the need to explore possible upgrades to the technology of Syston’s own CCTV network with our local councils.
Alongside the police doing their job in keeping us safe, it is also important that we all play our individual parts in helping make this easier for them, by taking steps to prevent crime and by making things harder for the criminals.
Good advice on what each of us can do can be found at: https://leics.police.uk/advice-and-information/crime-prevention.
I will, of course, continue to engage closely with the police on this and policing issues more broadly, and as ever, if you have any concerns please do get in touch.