Public Meeting about the Mini Roundabout

On Wednesday 30th August, Cllr Eric Vardy, chairman of the Development and General Purposes committee, chaired the public meeting along with Cllr Paul Henry, Syston Town Council Chairman, Catherine Voyce, Town Manager and County Cllr David Slater. Other members of the town council were present within the audience.
There was a very good turnout of residents with standing room only in the Brookside room at the community centre.
Cllr E. Vardy opened the meeting by explaining why the council had called the meeting and acknowledged the large turnout and the depth of feeling in the town towards the current situation. He went on to explain the situation with the roundabout and that the council had invited LCC Highways to attend the meeting but they had declined.
He explained the points Syston Town Council (STC) made to LCC highways at a council meeting in June and their response.
At that meeting STC was not happy with layout and that the zebra crossing was dangerous. LCC and highways said that although they appreciated that the zebra crossing was not perfect, if it was removed or repositioned they deemed it would give less protection to pedestrians.
When STC asked about replacing the roundabout with lights they were told that this would require 3rd party investment or STC would have to pay for them, however, traffic lights do cause increased congestion, so may not be the answer.
The LCC Highways had made it clear to STC that they believe, as it stands, the current layout of the roundabout is the best possible one, due to the lack of space in the area to widen the road further. They have also made it clear that any further changes made to the layout would be at STC cost or that of a third party.
When Cllr E. Vardy opened the meeting up to comments or questions from the residents there was a constant flow, all saying very similar things; that the crossing is in the wrong place. Many who were present spoke about nearly being knocked down by cars/vehicles not being able to clearly see people crossing the road, due to restricted view.
There was a call for more direct action if LCC didn’t take notice of the residents and one asked who would be responsible for any deaths that occur because of the design!
One resident asked if S106 money from the development on the Eastern side of Syston had been used to redesign the roundabout, if so could S106 monies be used to put it right?
There were many more comments from the audience, although the majority all seemed to be in agreement that the zebra crossing was in the wrong place, being too close to the roundabout and so causing more problems for all road users.
All comments were recorded at the meeting and will be sent to highways along with STC comments to try and persuade LCC and highways that the people of Syston do not feel safe with the current layout, and that highways have made a mistake that needs to be rectified before someone is seriously injured or has fatal consequences.
Cllr E. Vardy thanked the residents for attending and giving their support to the council and that they will continue to press for a solution which works for everyone.