PVG: Skin Health – Your Pet’s Skin Health

After having fun frolicking in the grasses and rolling around in your prize flower beds all summer, your furry friend may have been left with a touch of the dreaded itchy-scratchies!
Why does this happen?
This is not surprising, as grasses and pollens can play havoc with your pet’s skin, especially if they are sensitive or suffer from atopy (this is when pets have allergies to things in their environment). A walk outdoors or sunbathing in the garden can leave them feeling intensely itchy, sore and desperate for a frantic scratch or nibble!
These are not the only skin problem culprits! Creepy crawlies like fleas and mites are also lurking outdoors. Thanks to their blood sucking, skin nibbling and pooping (yuk!), your pet’s skin can quickly become sore and irritated (especially if they are allergic to flea saliva) triggering a scratching and nibbling frenzy.
In particular, harvest mites are at their most active around this time of the year. These tiny orange mites love to get between your furry friend’s toes and in their ears making them sore and itchy – so watch out.
Don’t forget their ears!
Did you know, your pet’s ears are lined with skin too? So, just like the skin on their body, their ears can also become very sore and itchy. This may predispose them to getting ear infections, so act on any ear irritation early.
How to beat the itch!
All this sore skin and itching can mean only one thing – sleepness nights and sad times! So, to help protect your pet’s skin this summer, here are our top-tips:
1. If you do have a pet that suffers from atopy, try washing their feet and belly off with plain water after they have been out and about – this will help to remove any outdoor allergens like pollens and reduce skin irritation.
2. Giving your pet a skin supplement rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids) may help to improve your pet’s skin barrier. The veterinary formulations are prepared specifically for pets and are often more effective than human products. These help prevent allergens getting in and causing bother!
3. Keep up to date with their flea and mite protection – this will prevent any unwanted friends setting up home on your pet.
4. Don’t forget to check your pet daily for signs of skin problems and creepy crawlies and get treatment sooner rather than later.
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