Barkby & Beeby WI


At our meeting in September we started with the good news that our skittle team beat Thringstone 4-1 and the not so good news that the darts team lost to Cossington 3-4. 
This was followed by a light-hearted talk about the seven myths of belly dancing by Rosanne Dinsdale. The actual name of the dance is Beledi, meaning country dance, the word was misunderstood and became belly dance which is an umbrella term for mid-eastern dance. Rosanne demonstrated the different hand movements, the use of finger cymbals and how it is knee movements that cause the famous hip movements of the dance. The roots of belly dancing are actually in India and as it spread to different countries it has mixed with their traditional dances and influenced other dances such as flamenco and salsa. She told us about the use of the dance in film and showed many lovely dresses worn in her performances, one even included lights and then there was the Egyptian Goddess Wings which were gold and very impressive. This is a very good exercise for all age groups male and female.  Why not give it a go!