Bus Users group react angrily to Councils claims over bus solution

Campaigners say that the County Council have not solved the problems caused by the changes to the number 6 bus route, as they claimed in yesterday’s Leicester Mercury.

Passengers in Thurmaston, particularly the Dales estate, are still cut off from essential services and have no link to Syston. There is no replacement due and residents feel aggrieved and forgotten. The 5/5A is simply too far for many, particularly elderly people, to walk.

Passengers in Syston feel that the replacement does not meet their needs, particularly for those using it for school and say the new service is more expensive.

Information put on bus stops directs people to the Councils website, which many people do not have access to. Users say route maps and timetable changes are what people need.

The petition set up to call for a consultation gained over 2000 signatures from online and paper petitions combined. Lead campaigner Laurie Needham has said “had an adequate consultation been in good time, the Council and service providers would have been able to work together to find a solution that met the needs of all the passengers, not just a few. As it stands, they believe this issue has been solved, when it hasn’t”.

Campaigners hope that their local councillors, who have so far been supportive, are not going to follow the County Council’s lead and agree that this problem has been resolved.

They say they will continue to lobby until a suitable replacement is found.