Reminders over garden waste bin stickers

From Monday 6th November, garden waste bins in Charnwood will only be emptied if they display a valid sticker to prove the subscription has been paid.

The new rules come into effect following the distribution of around 34,000 stickers across Charnwood by the Borough Council.

The stickers need to be placed on the brown garden waste bins underneath the handle and have been introduced to make sure only paid-for subscriptions are emptied and that the service is operating as efficiently as possible.

If a sticker is not displayed then the bin will not be emptied and a leaflet will be left to explain why to a customer. Other reasons for non-collection include items that should not be there.

In the past few weeks, the Council has left hundreds of hangers on bins without stickers to remind people about the forthcoming changes. 

If you haven’t signed up for the service, you can do so at any time. It costs £28 for a 12-month subscription (when paid by direct debit), which is cheaper than the national average. Please visit or call 01509 634 563. The scheme costs £28 a year (when paid by direct debit) for each bin.

The garden waste scheme means:

  • your brown garden waste bin is collected 25 times a year
  • you save numerous trips to the tip
  • you will be sent a new sticker every year unless you cancel
  • paying by direct debit is easier and cheaper

Cllr Hilary Fryer, lead member for cleansing and open spaces, said: “It’s a good service and cheaper than the national average, so I would encourage people to use it if they can. Please help us by making sure your stickers are displayed correctly, otherwise our crews will not be able to empty your bin.”

The garden waste scheme is entirely optional and if you wish to compost, please visit the county council website which can help – Compost bins cost from £10.98 plus a £5.99 delivery charge.