St Peter and St Paul’s Church News

Ladies Friendship Circle
On Monday 25th September the group met and were entertained by librarian Penny Hodgson.
In 1854 Jemima Dunning Smith donated 5000 guineas for a library at Royal Ascot. In 1888 she increases it to 10,000 guineas. In 1890 a new library was opened to men and women during the day but only men at night! Later women were allowed on Tuesday and Friday evenings to provide ‘harmless recreation’.
Gentry and cottagers were welcome to use the library and they did but never at the same time!
When Penny was librarian there she had accommodation at Royal Ascot and met Her Majesty the Queen and others of the Royal Family as well as members of the rich and famous.
After the talk members voted that the Air Ambulance will be this year’s charity.
Margaret Proud
At our meeting on 10th October we brought along various items which we had made or created. It was surprising what talents we all had. Several items of crochet and knitting, along with painted and embroidered pictures. Some of the knitted items were ones which had been made and will be passed onto various charities for under privileged children. Following this we all entered into the spirit of a quiz which Cynthia had put together. Whilst we were able to answer some of the questions it was surprising that many of the questions we knew but could not recall them immediately.  However this proved a popular half hour and we all agreed that maybe we should try to remember past and daily events. The quiz was followed by the usual much appreciated cup of tea and biscuits.Doreen Payne
Harvest Weekend
We had a great celebration for Harvest when the 10.00am and eleven30 congregations came together.Our theme was GROWING.There were various plants, flowers and vegetables that had been GROWING which made the church look beautiful.We also wanted to GROW our box of food items that we regularly send to Carpenters Arms in Loughborough into LOTS of boxes. And we did just that with all sorts of tins, packets etc.Our story in the service was about Jesus taking the lunch box of a young boy and GROWING his five rolls and two fish into enough for 5000 people!!! We all ended up with a lunch packet with five bread sticks and two fish sweets to eat!!We then planted a bulb that we want to GROW so that we can give it to somebody later on.Our time together finished off with a Harvest lunch.
The members of the Flower arrangers group had transformed the church with every window reflecting a season of the year and aspects of harvest. Once again the east window was decorated this time with greenery and the bright yellow of sunflowers.
Skittles Evening
Members of the church met at Hoby for an evening of fun and fellowship in the skittles alley at the Blue Bell Inn.
It was decided that men should play the women and after three rounds the men won two to one! With the traditional meal of faggots and mash and mushy peas or a vegetarian alternative it was a successful evening.
Christmas Tree Festival
Many local businesses and organisations are being approached to contribute to this and already some trees are promised with more to come. There have also been several generous donations.
We are looking forward to the last weekend in November when the church will be open for everyone to enjoy the spectacle. Friday from 3.30pm to 7.00pm, 10.30am to 5.00pm and Sunday from 2.30pm to 4.00pm with the draw from the big raffle at 3.30pm.
Contact Vicki on 0116 260 8337 or email [email protected] or Felicity on 0116 269 2543 [email protected] if you would like to put a tree into the festival (there is no charge!) or would like more information.