Benefit Quiz Makes £265 For Garrat

A quiz night at Thurmaston Old School raised £265 to help a youngster who needs a furry friend. Garrat is nearly 6-years-old and is a lovely little boy. He has autism (non verbal) sensory processing disorder, ADHD, GDD and hypermobility.
The family who live in Rothley have been fundraising for some time now to raise funds for Garrat to have his forever best friend Autism Assistance Dog through Autism Life Dogs. 
Garrat finds it very difficult to go out into the community with lots of anxiety, unpredictable behaviour and he is self harming.
He has no awareness of danger and puts himself in dangerous situations and has to wear a safety helmet. He goes out into the community in his wheelchair. He loves animals and really connects with them, especially dogs and cats.
To have a forever best friend to help Garrat, to comfort Garrat, and to be able to go everywhere with Garrat will benefit him so much and the Assistance Dogs help so much.
With just £2000 left to raise, hopes are high and Garrat’s family have high hopes that the end of the fundraising is in sight.
Organiser Chris Love wishes to thank everyone who took part and helped with the quiz and asks that any late donations be made by calling 0116 319 2117.