Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school Visit Hadrian House

Inspired by Channel 4’s documentary, ‘Old People’s Homes for 4 Year Olds’. Children from Charnwood Nursery & Pre-school have been making regular visits to elderly residents at Hadrian House.
The documentary was based on a scheme in America that has been running for over 25 years, bringing 4-year-olds and older people together. The goal was to see whether, by playing and interacting with the youngsters, older people’s physical, social and emotional well-being can improve and even add years to their life.
The experiment shows the transformative power that simply being around the children has for the older people.
Our visits to Hadrian House began on 5th October and since then, relationships between the children and residents have flourished. Together, the children and older people have made wreaths for the Remembrance Day, fed the squirrels, played balloon toss and danced!
A video that we posted on our Facebook page on the 4th November has received over five thousand views. Subsequently we have seen posts and comments on social media pages that other local settings have started similar schemes. We can already see the benefit to the residents of Hadrian House and for our children and we hope that many more nursery and pre-school settings will establish links with their local care homes.