Declan’s Diary

As we pack up all of Declan’s medical equipment and say goodbye to the staff on Ward 15 at the Glenfield hospital, a wave of relief passes through me, Declan had beat pneumonia again.
It is two weeks since he left the hospital now and although he hasn’t been well enough to go back to college, he’s been reasonably stable.
So now my thoughts turn to Christmas. I’m increasingly aware every year that it may be the last, so endeavour to make it as magical as possible.
It’s so difficult to buy presents for Declan, his shoes never get worn out, his clothes never fray and all he really wants is……love.
Declan wants, what most people want when they get into their thirties, love, a partner to see past his wheelchair and embrace his warm, kind nature. However, at only nineteen, this seems near impossible. Something so many people take for granted, a first date, a first kiss, meals out, cosy nights in, holding hands, telling someone that you want to spend the rest of your life with them, holding your first-born.
These are all things that Santa can’t
bring, that money can’t buy, that I can only wish for, for Declan.
I’m hoping this year he will get his magical Christmas and that 2018 will be his best year yet.
Happy Christmas to all our readers. 
Alexandra Spencer