The Stn Editor’s report on the Full Town Council Meeting held on 24/10/2017

There were 14 Councillors (Cllrs), two County Councillors (CCllrs), two Police officers and one member of the public present.
The Reflection was read by Cllr P. Henry Chairman.
There were apologies from Cllrs H. Asmal, K. Asmal, J. Midgley, C. Dolan and M. Carnal.
In the Adjournment for public matters to be raised the editor of the Stn asked for an update on the Arriva No 6 cessation. See report by CCllr D Slater later in this article.
The Chairman Cllr P. Henry welcomed the new Police Sergeant (Sgt)Chris Wharton to the meeting. Sgt. C. Wharton responded by giving some background to his time in the police and said that he has over 20 year’s experience with the last ten being as a Sgt. in community policing. He said he was still finding his feet as he joined the team three weeks prior to this meeting and once up to speed, he wants to be out and about.
There were two items tabled in the Chairman’s announcements & Communications. The first was the need to review standing orders to be in-line with national guidelines.
The second point was that he would like members to get fully involved in discussions and ask questions before the meetings so they don’t turn up and state they don’t understand!
Charnwood Borough Council had asked if Syston would be holding a Holocaust Memorial on 7th January 2018.
Police presentation to Town/Parish councils Sept.17 – slide presentation, provided by Chief Constable Simon Cole. Catherine Voyce went through the slides and members had copies to refer to. A key point shown on the slides was the number of police officers to cover the whole of Leicester(shire), the fact that government funding is continuing to be reduced and that now there is only one police officer for 601 members of the public. Other points shown referred to incidents that had occurred, an example of a solved crime and how they use every aspect possible including social media and mobile phones.
Police report
PSCO Jo Freeman went through the report and explained that one group had been sentenced for the shop break-ins and now they dealing with a different group committing break-ins in Syston but that they are investigating. She spoke about the recent problem of vehicles being broken into over night by breaking small windows to get loose change, unfortunately they had no leads as yet.
She commented that a lot of vehicles arenot locked properly and reminded everyone to check car doors before going into homes.
The police are trying to get the message across to ‘lock your car’!
County and Borough reports
CCllr J. Poland reported on a new service called the Lightbulb Housing Support Service. This is a single contact service to help keep people in their own homes by providing access to health and safety for vulnerable people and adult social care, in the hope that it will help to avoid unnecessary hospital visits. It started on 2nd October and is bringing all services together into one place and they will help get the services vulnerable people require.
CCllr D. Slater reported on the Number 6 bus and has had direct discussion with the director of transport. The plan is for a Centre bus to do a detour around the Hobby Horse and an on-demand service to be available for the Goodes Lane area. It will be a reduced service but at least something. He couldn’t give precise details of the plan and needs to see the final replacement route.
Cllr J. Branson said that it would help working people and schoolchildren if Centre bus will do the rush hour and then a two hour service. Laurie Needham’s petition was mentioned and CCllr D. Slater said he will receive the petition and take it to his meeting on the 22nd November.
Cllr S. Hampson reported on disability pay and what Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) are doing about it.
Cllr E. Vardy spoke about the technology group he is member of and the excellent response to an event they had planned for November. He also mentioned Loughborough’s fair and that it is one of the oldest in the country, this being it’s 796th year and is still very popular with families. He also spoke about the surgeries the County and Borough Cllrs hold on 1st Saturday of the month and that last month 16 people turned up with a variety of concerns.
Cllr T. Barkley reported that CBC had retained its customer service award, which he felt showed they were getting things right. He then spoke about CBC’s Financial outlook the boundary review and Charnwood’s Sports awards. Since the meeting the Stn has been told that local gymnast, Beatrice Hill, has been nominated for one of these awards.
Cllr K. Pacey said he had been unwell so little to report, just referred to one meeting of the licensing committee.
All Minutes for full council and committees were greed and passed.
Recall Food Festival and Funtopia
The council had received a request by a company to provide the above on Central Park and due to the closeness of the vote in committee there was a request to send this back for further discussion.
There followed a long discussion including objections from councillors who felt it would cause a huge traffic problem, fencing off Central Park and charging an entry fee. Others thought it would be good for Syston and we should try it and review afterwards.
It was agreed to set up a panel to investigate the food festival further and bring back to council next month.
The other event Funtopia, which is a one day event with no charge to enter, and has craft stalls, rides etc, was agreed. A date in 2018 is yet to be decided upon.
Cllr E. Gill had requested to join development and amenities committees, these were accepted.
Horace Taylor Trust – councillors were reminded that a vacancy is still available on this board of trustees.
Officer to Council Surgery – a request had been made by the officers to provide monthly surgeries for councillors, agreed to go ahead and review in three months.
Leicester County Council (LCC) resolution to Act on New Road Layout
After the public consultation recommendations were made to highways and CCllr D. Slater spoke to the director of highways to see if the pedestrian crossing could be moved.
In the discussion that followed it was agreed that in order to make statements that it is unsafe, evidence is needed to back out. A proposal was made for notices to be put on the town notice boards asking for residents to report any incidents they have been involved in.
LCC Big Society Meeting 
Chairman Cllr P. Henry and Mrs C. Voyce had attended this meeting and reported to council that the LCCs role is changing from delivering services to providing access to services. They will be devolving some services to parish/town councils, for example grass cutting and sign cleaning, and use the local community to provide the services.
CCTV Coverage in Syston
PSCO J. Freeman reported that the centre is well covered but there’s a need to include one near the MACE shop by the railway station. This was referred to the Development committee to discuss.
New councillor Mrs E. Gill was welcomed and recorded that she is already booked onto training events.
The Town Managers report
Mrs C. Voyce updated council on various activities that had been completed since the last full council including what the panels have been doing. See the Spotlight report in the November issue for more details.