St Peter and St Paul Academy Newspaper Report

On Monday 4th December, the editor was invited in to speak to year 5 classes and help them write a report on an incident at the school.
The incident in question was an exercise that had been set up to replicate a crime scene in the school and the children had to write about what they saw and interview some members of staff to try and help find out who was responsible.
The editor visited the crime scene with the children and then later spoke to them about interview questions and how to gather their findings into a newspaper report.
The result was that each class produced work with some being selected by their teachers to be sent to us here at the Stn where we would choose one from each class to include in this issue.
See the two reports below, one written by Evelynne Kwok and the other by Alasdair Branney.
The editor really enjoyed visiting the children, who were so engaged in the activity and all showed signs of becoming reporters for the future!
Thank you for including us in your activity. Well done for producing such good reports it was very difficult to choose just two!
Evelynne’s Report reads –
SPSP ICT Suite is sadly Ransacked!!!

Over the weekend the ICT suite at SPSP Academy Primary School in Syston was vandalised.
On Monday 4th December, Adults and children saw footprints, fingerprints on handles, palm prints on a button, glass, hacked open computers and many more distinctive evidence. There was blood on a tissue, plimsolls and a lanyard without a picture. A person still could have opened the door even after the building had been locked.
Adults and children were incredibly shocked. Miss Buchan, the head teacher, claims that she was only told to lock up KS2 and didn’t know who had locked up KS1. But then it became more clear that Mr Hill, the school site officer did lock up KS1. Every day, when Mr Hill locks up, he closes the blinds, but when he came back one of the blinds was, confusingly, slightly opened.
“This is the most amount of damage I’ve seen in many years.” Exclaimed Mr Hill.
Staff still don’t know the cost of the damage yet. Mr Chamberlain proclaimed that he lost his school lanyard and still does not know where it is.
Police are still carrying on searching and checking evidence. Children are still fortunately able to go to school so the students can continue to learn.
Alasdair’s Report reads –
Big Bad Burglary
St Peter and St Paul School in Syston, Leicestershire, suffered a burglary and was forced to close.
The ICT suite was broken into which had left staff and pupils gobsmacked. It was vandalised during the night between Friday and Saturday. Adults and pupils were shocked by what had happened to the school.
There was criminal evidence like broken computers, lanyards, a code and footprints.
The head teacher was upset because items worth thousands of pounds were stolen in the burglary. There was no CCTV in the building but there was on the outside.
“It will cost a lot of money to replace it,” Fiona Buchan (head teacher) exclaimed. There were computers ripped out of the desk and significant damage to the ICT suite. The thieves stole lots of expensive equipment like computers and iPads.
If you have any information call 0800 555 111. The school will remain closed until further notice.