WasteNot Leicestershire

Charlotte Ryan began WasteNot Leicestershire in 2016 for  people based in Leicestershire to share ideas and resources, reusing and recycling.
Since then it has developed from a facebook page to try to stop unwanted items going to landfill, to a network of people offering clothes and other items to be given to others who are in need.
Items include clothing for all ages, both male and female in a varied range of sizes, as well as the likes of baby equipment, beds, furniture, curtains and non-electrical kitchen equipment.
This hardworking young mother who works in child care, has discovered that the WasteNot Leicestershire is a real passion of hers and it is developing faster than she thought.
A generous neighbour has given her some space in their garage, but as time goes on she will need to find somewhere else as storage of large items isn’t possible.
Charlotte added that the site is not in competition with charity shops. The page acts as a facility to bring together those who wish to donate with those who are in need. This aspect of the network is growing so quickly that she has had to set rules for using the page and is in the process of developing a dedicated website called The Leicestershire Community Cupboard.co.uk.
She is also looking for volunteers to help her. From donating items or helping with sorting and distributing items to offering any other relevant skills.
If you are able to help you can contact Charlotte through the Facebook page: WasteNot Leicestershire Reduce, Re-use, Recycle.