New Barkby W I

Vice-president, Mrs S. Franklin welcomed members and visitors to New Barkby WI’s March meeting. A recent social evening had raised £76.00 for Denman College appeal.
After business matters were dealt with, there was a warm welcome for Mrs Brenda Featherstone, accompanied by her husband, David, who acted as deputy chef, while Brenda talked about ‘Cooking for Spring’.
She is a sheep farmer, but away from her farmhouse she demonstrates several cookery dishes, from soup to a chicken and tomato crumble, then onto a shepherd’s pudding (no shepherd involved!) and a pineapple and mandarin cheesecake.
Everyone’s taste-buds were tingling, and on a chilly evening, everyone was rewarded with plenty of tasty morsels to sample. Brenda talked about her family life, the types of food she cooks, using a variety of ingredients and different gadgets to assist the processes. David made sure that the dishes were well-cooked and just the right temperature for tasting. Also, most of the utensils were Brenda’s own, so with disposable cups and bowls, there was very little cleaning away to do.
The vote of thanks was given by Mrs S. Franklin. The competition for a decorated hen’s egg was won by Mrs V. Cobb. The raffle prizes were won by Mrs M. Gamble and Miss E. Loder. The tea hostesses were Mrs V. Cobb and Mrs J. Goulden.
The next meeting will be held on Wednesday 4th April, Recycling with a Difference, Sue Drage. 7.30pm at Syston Community Centre. Visitors always welcome.