St Peter and St Paul Church News

Mothering Sunday
What a joyous occasion this was as members of the 10am and eleven30 congregations met to worship together.
Revd. John Leonard conducted the service which was led by the Pioneer team with the theme of thanksgiving using the story of the ten lepers, only one of whom thought to return to Jesus after they were cured, to thank Him.
During the service the children created small thanksgiving gifts to give to their parents and members of the congregation.
After the service there were refreshments in the hall.
The youth group members of this congregation have been exploring their faith with the Junior Alpha course and have included a visit to Costa Coffee!
At the last service they took up the Jenga challenge. They were reflecting on their decisions and the consequences of their actions, linking with Jesus in the temple when he became angry because people were using the temple as a market place. (John: 13-22)
This group meets during the usual eleven30 services on the 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month as well as at additional times.
Night at the Music Hall
This evening, which was a party for members of the congregation, organised by the social committee had to be postponed due to the bad weather so we are looking forward to seeing if we can organise for late April!
Women’s World Day of Prayer
The Christian churches in Syston met in the Methodist Church on Friday 2nd March for this service created by the women of Suriname.
The theme of the service was All God’s Creation is Very Good!
During the service a PowerPoint presentation showed views of this beautiful country in the north east of South America where many religions all exist in peace. The official language is Dutch but also a Creole language is widely spoken.
The theme of the service was concentrated on the overuse of plastic, for example a bunch of bananas was presented but in a plastic bag. The bag was dropped on the floor and the bananas placed on the table. Later the plastic bags were collected from the floor to highlight how much plastic is used.
It was an intensely thought-provoking service.
The service concluded with refreshments in the Link.