Barkby and Beeby W.I.


The meeting of the Barkby and Beeby WI started with a report of the Centenary Annual Council Meeting which was held in hangar 42 at Bruntingthorpe aerodrome. Several of our members attended and had a wonderful day. 
After the notices we had a demonstration of Tai Chi by Laraine Tucker who has travelled widely learning her craft and teaching it in Thailand. After her demonstration, we were invited up to have a go – who would have thought relaxing could be so difficult! I was just glad that she didn’t want us to get our leg up as high as she did, she is one very supple lady!! Some found the moves quite relaxing and easy to follow, others struggled a bit, but we all enjoyed the chance to have a go. Laraine then performed another demonstration this time with a sword, her balance and coordination were amazing.
This activity was followed by a tea and cakes while we had a look at the entries put into the Centenary competition by some of our members, they were stunning, well done ladies!!