Horoscope May 2018

ARIES March 20 – April 19
With Mercury cruising through your sign this week, communication is your key asset this month, so be sure to use it. Expect some major breakthrough mid-month when Mercury aligns with Uranus in your sign and gives you the lucky break that you’ve long been waiting for! However, it’s more down to your cleverness and determination. Hurrah!
TAURUS April 20 – May 20
With the Sun in your sign this month, you’ll be feeling ‘on top of the world’ with lots of good energy, strength and happiness! You couldn’t wish for more. However, wonderful aspects point to spending money with a loved one on something special, such as a holiday together or refurbishments. It’s all so exciting that it takes a while for the dust to settle.
GEMINI May 21 – June 20
Romance is top of your agenda this month and it’s time to put yourselves first and follow through with a few plans together. Lots of discussion certainly helps to get things ‘on track’ for you both in the future. When the Sun enters your sign later in the month, things couldn’t be better! With an optimistic and outgoing attitude, your whole life holds promise.
CANCER June 21 – July 21
A partner is working so very hard and have a good deal on their plate. There seems no way out of it other than pushing through it as best they can. Meanwhile, you have an important role to play, to support and encourage them as best you can. Spending quiet and ‘chatty’ time with special friends is about as much social life as you can muster.
LEO July 22 – August 22
With your working life intense and challenging, you need more time at home in order to relax and chill out, in order to re-charge your batteries and to take stock. As you struggle to survive this difficult time, you find yourself in line for a wonderful promotion – and responsibility certainly gets handed to you on a plate! Yes, you prove yourself this month.
VIRGO August 23 – Sept 22
You’re getting out these days, enjoying yourself and having fun! However, be sure to pursue a few things dear to your heart during the process. A partner is fun and expressive even though their lack of direction and clarity drives you crazy at times! Enjoy the fun. It’s a good time to read, study and pursue anything that expands the mind and is cultured.
LIBRA Sept 23 – Oct 22
Earning your cash and ‘watching the pennies’ is fascinating to you at the moment, with certain plans in the offing, all of which take time and money to pursue. You’ll be hard at work on the home front with DIY tasks and spring-cleaning! Just watch your artistic talents unfold at work and bring recognition. Time spent with soul mates uplifts you immensely.
SCORPIO Oct 23 – Nov 21
It’s time to expand your emotional life and to ‘go for what you want’ even though this isn’t terrible clear at present. So experiment and ‘get out there’ in order to find your dream for romance is very high on the agenda. Still, you’ve enough work to consider and this certainly restricts you at times. Take time out to pick up a favourite creative hobby!
SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 20
You know that you need to dream up a few new plans and ideas, and these will indeed ‘come to you’. Meanwhile, you’re waiting for inspiration and this is going to take time and patience. Raising cash presents challenges being as this involves sheer hard work and ‘no easy way out’ although a new job is likely. A loving partner helps steer your way.
CAPRICORN Dec 21 – Jan 19
You’re in a serious mood when it comes to catching up with practical tasks and urgent issues that demand immediate attention! This is all wonderful stuff and you’ll be feeling pretty pleased with yourself before the month’s out. Taking some time out for hobbies and leisure pursuits will really enhance your creative abilities. Romance blooms at work.
AQUARIUS Jan 20 – Feb 17
Your career moves into a quiet phase so that you can sit back a little and revise your overall direction. You also get to have a rest even though this throws your finances into some confusion as you take time out! Yes, having a rest could certainly benefit you and this will involve finding refuge in the home environment, entertaining friends and family.
PISCES Feb 18 – March 19
Your emotions are a priority and others are interested in your well-being too – or so you discover! You’ve been working hard and really thinking about your financial situation so that this is all looking fairly rosy now, thank goodness. Work is rewarding at the moment and you are upbeat and energised to do your best. You find time for romance at home.