Barkby and Beeby WI

At our April meeting we had a very interesting talk from Paul Tabener entitled ‘The Real CSI’.The first point he emphasised was that it’s nothing like depicted on the television! They don’t just put on a blue suit, over shoes mask etc. In the real world they lay aluminium planks down to prevent destroying any footprints, the incident room does not have a white board, picture board or anything else out on show, the Chief Inspector, Inspector or whoever is in charge is shut in an office collating the information brought in by the lower ranks, he does not go out questioning suspects and witnesses – there’s a surprise! 
The biggest surprise for some of us was that there is no National Dental Record Base, as alluded to in many police dramas. They also do not have profilers working for them full time but hire one from the University as and when required. This all came as quite a shock to those who watch such programmes as ‘Wire in the Blood’. 
He told us several funny stories to show some of the stupid things that burglars do which make it easy for the police to catch them and some of the crime scenes he had visited including burglaries, murders, fires and explosions.
All in all this was quite an eye-opener and was put across in a humorous way. This was followed as usual with delicious cakes and tea.