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Hi everyone,
I would like to share my last six week journey with you. It all started at my local Fit Club class when the instructor asked if we wanted to join him on a 21 day challenge with Herbalife. I was put off at first with the cost and whether I had the time to commit to it, however a few of the girls wanted to give it a try, so I thought why not, let’s do it together and make it fun. We started with a weigh-in, which measured weight, BMI, body fat and metabolic age then we all had a ‘before’ photo taken with a forfeit agreed for whoever puts weight on! The six of us made a group chat on WhatsApp, we helped each other all the way, which included meal and snack tips, exercise tips and lots of jokes about going to the toilet as we needed to drink three litres of water a day.
My results for the 21 days: lost 9lb, lost 1.5 BMI, lost 6.7% body fat and my metabolic age went down by 9yrs!
This was an amazing 21 days where I built better relationships with my friends, saw fantastic results and felt so good physically and mentally. I beat my personal best result at the local park run three times (I have been on my current PB for over a year).
I have now become part of the Herbalife team and I want to help people achieve their goals and to feel how I do. I have fallen in love with the products and with my new lifestyle!
Message me for more information on my story, or to find more out about our nutrition, sport and skin care range or to start your own 21 day challenge.
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