The Stn report on the Annual Town Meeting and Full Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 22nd May 2018

The Annual Town Meeting (ATM) was held at 7.00pm
13 Cllrs and three members of the public including one police officer were present.
Minutes of ATM 2017 proposed to accept and agreed.
Chairman Announcements: Cllr P Henry announced the sad passing of Cllr David Slater and Russell Brickett who established wishes4kids – a minutes silence followed.
The individual Committee Reports followed, with each Chair for the committees giving a roundup of the year and the activities they had been involved with. It began with the Development and General Purposes Chair Cllr E. Vardy welcoming Cllr Mal Carnal back after a lengthy period of illness. He thanked all the committee members for their work over the past year, went through the activities of the committee and what they had achieved in that time. This included new town notice boards, reviews of local planning applications and where appropriate, the committee had asked Council to comment to the borough.
Amenities Chair Cllr J. Lucas said they had met on 11 occasions across the year and said that regular events have taken part on Central Park and have been well publicised. The skate park is used daily and memorial park used regularly by both adult and children’s football teams. New play equipment has been installed with the aid of S106 money and Syston Town council money. He complimented all of the panels and particularly the Christmas event which was very successful. The tree panel has worked hard and has made progress. Cemetery panel appointed a project manager and plans are going ahead with the help of S106 money. A new panel is place for improving SPSP church yard. He thanked everyone, members of committee, staff and ground staff, for their help.
Resources Chair Cllr T. Barkley said it had been an excellent year and thanked all members and staff for help in making decisions. He said that the Town Manager provides clear updates each month to help to keep them on track. He then summarised aspects of activities including receipt of S106 for the new cemetery and £2,000 for LED lighting in Community Centre. He congratulated Kay for achieving her level 3 in accounting. He said that Cllr training had been offered and some Cllrs had taken it up. New chairs and new smoke detectors plus Wi-fi for the community centre. He then went through the grants given to community groups.
Chairman’s report  The Chairman said he had deliberately placed his report after the committee reports as they do all the hard work. He didn’t want to repeat what each committee does. He thanked all the committees and particularly the chairs of each committee and he finished by thanking the office staff.
The Towns Annual Report – A draft of the report was tabled and Cllrs were asked to read through it and make comments later. The report will be put on the website, with hard copies being available in the council office and library. It follows the same format as in previous years but with the inclusion of photographs of the councillors.
For full details of all the reports please visit the Syston Town Council website.
Full Town Council Meeting – 13 Cllrs plus three members of the public including a police office.
Election of Chairman – Cllr P. Henry proposed and seconded Cllr H. Screaton. Cllr K. Pacey proposed by Cllr M. Pacey and seconded by Cllr J. Branston. Offices distributed ballot. Cllr Paul Henry re-elected.
The Reflection was read by Cllr P. Henry, Chairman
Election of Vice Chairman – Cllr T. Barkley re-elected unapposed.
There were apologies from three councillors: Cllrs K. Asmal, H. Asmal and S. Hampson.
There were no matters arising from the public.
The only announcement made was in relation to the standing orders review due in July. The Chairman asked Cllrs to think about any changes and explained that a new set had been received from LRALC (Leics and Rutland Association of Local Councils) which are very different to those used by Syston Town Council currently – copies would be emailed to each Cllr to read through and comment in time for the review in July.
Councillor Vacancy – New Barkby Ward in light of Cllr J. Midgley’s resignation. Charlotte Booth was proposed and accepted as new member.
Panel/committee membership – A list was circulated and it was agreed with a couple of exceptions. Cllr J. Lucas asked to join the event panel.
General Power of Competence – The council agreed to reinstate this as required each year. It enables the council to set up a business, or run a community shop, should it wish or need to.
GDPR compliance – LRALC guidance has been used to develop the four policies set and circulated to members. Each policy was proposed and accepted by the council.
Tender Specification for the New Cemetery – The Chairman asked for a recommendation for approval of the draft specification. This was agreed.
Police Report – PCSO Matthew Harburt spoke about recent shop thefts, although nothing major had been taken a suspect was under observation. He told members that all Crime statistics for Charnwood East are available via
Members then raised some issues with PSCO M Harburt and he said he would follow up the one about individuals cycling through the Town square shopping centre.
Borough and County Councillor Reports
Cllr E. Vardy restated his position at Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) and had attended the Fruits of the Forest meeting earlier, which explained an event to be held in September which, he said, looks interesting and fun for all ages. He informed members that the proposed travellers site on Fosseway had been stopped with an injunction, along with an enforcement notice to be issued should they try to develop it. On another planning application for infill building at 120 Fosseway, Syston, this had been rejected. A planning application for seven holiday chalets on the side of the River Wreake had been received.
Cllr T. Barkley reported that CBC has a new contract for housing for the next five years. He also said that Universal credit was being rolled out across the country, paid direct to the bank, helping residents on these types of credits on how to manage their finances. The borough was also having a fly tipping purge.
Cllr K. Pacey spoke about the road safety committee, that he is now able to attend as it was previously on a Tuesday. He said that there had been an increase in licensing appeals, three waiting to be heard, two appeals against taxi drivers for signage and all should have signs on front side and back, if members see any to report it either to himself or the licensing office direct. All Charnwood taxi drivers also wear a badge, so please check.
All minutes proposed and agreed. The Governance Statement for 2017/18 was approved and signed by the Chairman. The Accounting Statements for 2017/18 were approved and signed off.
The meeting dates for 2018/19 were circulated and approved. The Annual Schedule of Business for Full Council and Committees 2018/19 were approved.
Town Manager’s report – this began with the circulation of a card of condolence for members to sign and to be sent to David Slater’s family.
She said that the feedback from the civic reception was very positive and that all those who attended enjoyed the event – Over the year, the amount raised for the Chairman’s Charity ‘Warning Zone’ was over £1,000.
She updated the council on an incident that occurred on New Year’s Eve when someone drove into the brook, new railings are now in place and at no cost to the council as they were replaced and paid for by the drivers insurers.
She said that Funtopia, which was held on Saturday 20th May was a great success and well attended, see page?? for pictures???.
She reported that the Diocese of Leicester required more information from the tree panel. A Pavillion panel meeting was planned for 5th June. Road closures are being applied for in advance of the Remembrance Parade on Sunday 11th November and the Christmas event on Sunday 2nd December.
Syston In Bloom have agreed to help with Towns entry to east Midlands in Bloom. The SOS fashion show raised £198 for the Chairman’s charity.
Cllrs attendance Sue Gerrard had 100% and the town manager gave her a gift as a thank you.
Cllrs agreed that the information should go onto the council website.