Charnwood Borough Council Consultation Over New Cemetery Site in Loughborough

A consultation was launched today (Wednesday 8th August) over possible locations for a new cemetery in Loughborough.

Charnwood Borough Council is seeking views on sites for new burial ground as the current cemetery in Leicester Road is expected to be full within four years.

The Council has investigated a number of options but has identified three viable options which could provide future burial space.

They are land at Allendale Road, land at Nanpantan and part of Shelthorpe Golf Course although the Council says nine holes would be retained as part of an improved facility.

The consultation runs until Sunday 23rd September and comments are being invited.

Cllr Jenny Bokor, the Council’s lead member for Loughborough, said: “This is an important decision for the whole of Loughborough and we want to involve residents in the discussion. We have investigated a number of options but these three are the ones we consider to be viable. Each have strengths and weaknesses and we know people will have strong views on some or all of them. However, we believe the right thing to do is create a new cemetery in Loughborough and that means it has to go somewhere. I would encourage people to have a say during the consultation. Which ever option is chosen, we will ensure it is a tranquil and peaceful place for families and one that complements the surrounding landscape.”

More information on the three sites is available on the Council‘s website but brief descriptions are below:

  • Allendale Road has room for a 1.4 hectare cemetery which would last around 42 years and would also incorporate some recreation area. The cost of creating a one-hectare cemetery here is estimated to be around £400,000.
  • Shelthorpe Golf Course could be used for a 3.6 hectare cemetery lasting 109 years. It would mean losing half the 18-holes at the course and a new access road would need to be created. The cost of creating a one hectare cemetery here is around £550,000. The Council would also want to invest another £100,000 creating an improved nine-hole facility.
  • Finally, a 9.1 hectare cemetery could be created on land at Nanpantan, off Watermead Lane, to the rear of Nanpantan sports ground. There would be enough burial space here for 285 years and the cost of creating a one hectare cemetery here is around £610,000.

All three sites are owned by the Council. Other options were considered and have been discounted for a number of reasons including cost, location or other factors. More information is on the Council website.

After the consultation, officers will prepare a report for Cabinet in the Autumn looking at a number of factors including what the community says. Cabinet members will then select a preferred option for officers to work into a more detailed plan.

Other cemetery information:

  • on average there is just over one burial a week in Loughborough (60 a year)
  • around 39,800 people have been buried at Loughborough Cemetery since 1857
  • one hectare of land has room for around 1,818 burials
  • there is room for cremation plots at the current Leicester Road cemetery

The consultation runs until Sunday 23rd September and people can have a say and find out more at _consultation