Community Groups Urged to Contact Local Councillors about Grant Funding

Community groups in Charnwood are being urged to contact their local councillor to help them access grant funding for projects.
Charnwood Borough Council has introduced a member grants scheme which enables each borough councillor to award up to £1,000 to projects in their ward each year.
The member grants scheme will benefit various community and voluntary projects and individuals in Charnwood.
Cllr Tom Barkley, deputy leader of the council said “The member grants scheme helps spread funding to projects right across Charnwood, in each and every ward. We want to encourage groups who are making a positive contribution to their community to contact their local councillor about the grant.”
The Shepshed Volunteer Centre has already benefited from the scheme after being awarded £1,000 for its Wellbeing Gardening Project.
Cllr John Savage, who represents the Shepshed East ward and awarded the grant, said “The Shepshed Volunteer Centre offers a range of different projects which benefit residents in my ward and I was happy to support them with my member grant. The Wellbeing Gardening project is new to the community and aims to help elderly residents connect with society through gardening. The member grants scheme is a fantastic opportunity for councillors to find out more about the hard work community groups do and support them through funding.”
Interested organisations should discuss their project with their local councillor before applying.
Applications for the member grants scheme can be submitted at any time up until Monday 31st December 2018.
For more information, please visit