The Stn Editor’s report on the EGM of Syston Town Council Meeting held on Tuesday 7th August 2018

The meeting commenced at 7.30pm.
There were 14 councillors (Cllrs) and six members of the public present, including three representatives from the developers Taylor Wimpy and Queniborough Borough Cllr D. Grimley.
There were apologies from Cllrs S. Gerrard and both K. and H. Asmal.
There were declarations of interest given by Cllr E. Vardy due to him being the Charnwood Borough Council (CBC) lead for planning.
The chairman then outlined the reason for the meeting, in that an application for outline planning for 195 dwellings off of Barkby Road, Syston had been submitted to CBC and the council need to discuss this application before the next full council which isn’t until the end of September.
The chairman invited Cllr D. Grimley to make his statement to the council, which he did, explaining the concerns of residents from the neighbouring villages of Queniborough and Barkby. These concerns related to the effect on local services, doctors and schools as well as the increase in the volume of traffic. He also stated that CBC had achieved its supply of housing which is set at a 5 year target. Another concern is the loss of identity of the villages with the loss of the separation between Syston, Queniborough etc.
Mr S. Bradshaw, resident of Queniborough said his main concern was the increase in traffic in the town centre. He said the roundabout at the top of High St/Melton Rd/Barkby Rd can’t take anymore traffic. He added that the health centre also has at least a two week waiting list to get an appointment with a doctor.
The Chairman thanked both gentlemen and then opened the debate to councillors to raise any issues or objections to the outline planning application.
The councillors all had time to give their point of view and generally the feeling was that it shouldn’t go ahead due to traffic increases, and the inability of the roads to cope with increased traffic. Noise and pollution levels from increased traffic was also a concern raised along with the fact that local facilities like schools, health provision, are at capacity. Another view was that other developments were building inappropriate dwellings that don’t provide for first time buyers or families on low incomes. There is also a lack of employment opportunities in the area which isn’t being addressed.
Before concluding the debate the Chairman asked if the Taylor Wimpy representatives wanted to comment. They said that they do provide a lot of assessments including transport and highways. They said they had made notes and would take all of the comments raised away and feedback to the council at a later date.
After concluding this debate with valid concerns and objections raised, the council decided it would write to CBC planning outlining their objections to the outline planning application.

Fiona Henry, Editor.
For the official minutes of this and other Town Council Meetings please visit their website: You can attend any council meeting held on Tuesday evenings 7.30pm. Details are posted across all town council notice boards.