Syston Pays Tribute 100 Years On – Remembrance Exhibition in Syston

You are invited to commemorate the end of World War One during this centenary anniversary year on Remembrance Weekend; 10th and 11th November 2018, at the Parish Church of St Peter and St Paul, Upper Church Street, Syston.
The church will be open all day on Saturday 10th from 10.30am to 5.00pm and in the afternoon of Remembrance Day (11th) from 12.30 until 4.30pm, to show the Syston memorial books from both world wars and to offer a quiet place for people to remember, even if they are not church-goers. We will have various displays as follows; —
* The contents of the Syston WW1 memorial book have been made into a PowerPoint presentation that will be shown on the screen throughout the day, alternating with a second presentation showing what Syston was like in 1914.
*  Background information about the conflict with map.
*  Photos and information about local men who served.
* Display in honour of the men from out French twinned town, Deville les Rouen, who died.
*  The history of the war memorial.
*  A display about ‘Animals at War.’
*  Information about support from the Empire.
*  Life on the Home Front, including the role of women.
*  Hospitals in wartime, including a Syston nurse’s story.
* A display of WW1 medals and copies of the parish magazine from WW1. These contain some letters from Syston soldiers to the vicar, which have been used in the memorial book.
*  Variety of other memorabilia from the time, including a 1913 motorbike.
*  A display of reproduction ‘Sweetheart pincushions’ (as made by recuperating soldiers in WW1), created locally in honour of men who died.
*  An opportunity to add memories and prayers about loved ones who died in (any) war.
*  WW1 poems around the church.
*  The church bell will be tolled at the close of the exhibition on 11th November.
*  Refreshments will be served all day Saturday and in the afternoon of Sunday in the church hall.
*  View a Display of More than 80 Large Poppies in the Churchyard, Representing the Men from Syston Who Died in Ww1.
Also, look out around Syston in the weeks leading up to Remembrance Day for 82 small notices with details of each of the Syston men who died, an example is shown below which is in memory of Herbert Keeling.
Friends of St Peter and St Paul’s Church, working with Syston Town Council and the Syston Royal British Legion.

Billy Goodwill of Syston in his World War I RNAS flying gear
 William (Billy Goodwill) was born in 1887 and was originally from 
 Thirsk, Yorkshire. He married a Syston woman, Alice Meadows, and
 served for three years during World War I with the Royal Naval Air
 Service. In the Second World War he served with the RAF in France
 until its capitulation in 1940. He was a civilian by the time of his death
 at the age of 55 in December 1942.