The Stn Editor’s report on the Annual Town and Full Town Council Meetings held on Tuesday 25th September 2018

There were 13 councillors (Cllr(s) plus three members of the public including PSCO Matt Harburt.
The Reflection was read by the Chairman Cllr P. Henry.
Apologies were received from Cllrs M Pacey and L. Towell.
Declaration of interest for item 13 relating to the Horace Taylor trust were given by Cllrs J. Branson and J. Lucas.
The Chairman’s Announcements and Communications consisted of the resignation from the council by Hanif and Kirti Asmal, no reason was verbalised. A thank you card was circulated to the members to sign in appreciation for all their work while on the council. It was announced that the East Midlands in Bloom awarded Syston a Silver gilt for overall presentation. It was planned to achieve a Gold next year. He praised the Syston in Bloom group and U3A for their help. Best front garden was awarded to 28 Swallow Drive and was included in the top four at the regional event. The Grosvenor Snooker club also received a certificate for their garden. The Chairman thanked and praised everyone involved.
In communications a message had been received from Cllr M Pacey thanking the council for their good wishes during her period of ill health.
Members were reminded that the next Fashion show would be held on Friday 2nd November, in aid of Chairman’s Charity; The Woodlands Trust and requested raffle prizes, from the Cllrs.
Police report – PCSO M. Harburt who reported on crime in the town in July/August period in relation to the previous time last year and that burglaries were actually lower this year. But that the police were not being complacent and asked if anyone saw anything suspicious to report it via 101.
County and Borough Cllrs reports
Cllr T. Barkley reported on both the County and Borough Council. He spoke about the County’s provision of Councty Council Services and that there would be a consultation with residents, district councils and other partners regarding the future options available. He then spoke about the CC considering joining with the NHS to provide county wide Health services to ensure they provide the best and most cost effective services in our area.
In regard to Charnwood Borough activities he spoke about the Lottery launch and that the first draw would be held at the end of September. He also spoke about Songster, The war Horse, an art installation of a life size model of the war horse to commemorate the end of WW1. The horse and the medals awarded to him will be on display at the Carillion in Loughborough. Finally, he spoke about the borough council encouraging business to locate into the borough.
Cllr E. Vardy spoke about the Loughborough annual funfair which will commence on Wednesday 7th November. He explain its histaory and that it dates back to 1221. He went on to speak about the recently launched town team for Loughborough and that he had attended a meeting the previous night which discussed an action plan which follows the borough’s strategic plan. He said that although grander in scale than Syston the sentiments are the same and it was to engage the residents of Loughborough, he was bringing forward the Syston action plan and asked the town manager; Catherine Voyce if she would be ready.
Cllr K. Pacey spoke about licensing and that two appeals had been heard which resulted in those applications being altered or changed. Taxis gambling rules all been amended and need to be presented at next CBC meeting for approval. Prestwold Hall hosted a Music festival which had resulted in a lot of complaints to the council and was to be discussed at borough’s next meeting.
All Minutes for committees and full council were approved and adopted.
A LCC highways Survey was tabled and members were asked to complete and return to the town manager so she could forward to LCC by 12th October.
Food Festival Application – An application had been received from a company, Food Gusto from Ashby who want to put on a Food festival on Sunday 25th August 2019. They want to include local retailers in this one day event and if successful, hope to make it two day in the future. It was agreed in principle and will be discussed at a future Amenities.
New Cllr Vacancy – This has been advertised and some interest shown at the carnival. It was agreed to set up a panel to publicise the council to fill future vacancies.
Horace Taylor Trustee – Cllr J. Branston explained that it helps people in Syston, they have to have lived here for 2 years, the recipients remain anonymous and trustees allocate the funds to people in need.
Town Managers report – The town manager tabled her reort as it was rather long and extracted a few points including the extension of CCTV in the town. See the Spotlight on page 40 for other items spoken about.
There were no members questions to the Chairman.
The town manager reported on actions from previous meetings, one referred to the Football Association being interested in working with the council with the pavilion, S106 money’s will be used to match what they can offer to refurbish it.
Also an extension to the BMX in Deville park as it is smaller that the old one, this will be considered at a later date when funds are available.
Fiona Henry, Editor.
For the official minutes of this and other Town Council Meetings please visit their website: You can attend any council meeting held on Tuesday evenings 7.30pm.
Details are posted across all town council notice boards.