Aspiro Needs Funds

Local not for profit organisation: Aspiro, needs funds to help another 1000 local residents
A local not for profit social enterprise, Aspiro, has helped 1,000 local people, across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland, who have experienced mental health difficulties, towards finding a paid job, voluntary work or to access learning. Aspiro needs to find just £10,000 to survive and continue this service, as they have made a loss recently and want to really help another 1,000 local residents.
Aspiro’s founder Peter Smith, ex-homeless and street drinker, with his own history of mental health problems, set up Aspiro seven and a half years ago and says:
“After all the hard work myself and my team has put into making Aspiro a success and helping so many residents, including young adults, people recovering from substance misuse, as well as providing the mental health employment service, it will be a disaster for local residents, businesses who employ our customers and my team, if we have to close”.
If anyone would like make a donation to our good cause, however small, then we have a crowdfunding page which can be accessed via