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Crime Prevention Advice:
Preventing Crime over Christmas
Preventing thefts whilst out shopping
• Take care when Christmas shopping. Carrying large amounts of cash or holding expensive goods can make yourself a target for muggers or thieves.
• Carry debit cards instead of large amounts of cash. Debit cards can be cancelled whereas cash is very unlikely to be recovered if stolen.
• Be careful on social media. It’s easy to share that you’re away or that you’ve just bought or received an expensive gift, unfortunately the information shared may find its way to criminals who you’d rather didn’t know.
• Don’t leave any bags unattended as they’re easy to pick up by an opportunistic thief
• If you have to return to the vehicle to drop off any purchases always ensure the vehicle is locked and secure and any goods are out of sight. Any valuables in view will make it much more likely that your car is broken into.
Preventing burglaries
• Make sure your front door, back door, patio doors and windows are all locked whenever they aren’t in use. It’s very easy and increasingly common for burglars to test for unlocked entrances in the dead of night until they happen upon an easy way into a property.
• Hide boxes and receipts to expensive goods as it can be used as a bit of a shopping list for criminals if they see them as they’ll know what’s under your tree.
• Don’t leave presents in eye view or near windows as they can prove tempting for burglars if they can see where there’s valuables, it’s going to be a lot easier for them to take them if they force entry.
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