Syston’s Remembrance Exhibition, a Very Big Thank You

The Committee of The Friends of St Peter and St Paul’s Church would like to thank all those who contributed to the Remembrance Exhibition held in the church over the 10th and 11th November.
This is a very large number of people! From shopkeepers who put posters up, to people who lent artifacts for the displays; from people who willingly shared their family stories or research; to the musicians who sang, played the trumpet or rang the church bells; not forgetting the people who made cakes for the refreshments and those who manned the church throughout the weekend.
Thank You One and All, it was a great community event. Quoted below is an excerpt from a letter received by one of the committee, which I would like to share with all who helped in any way at all.
‘I’ve been to the exhibition this afternoon. Congratulations! It’s excellent – a fitting tribute to those Syston men who died during World War One, as well as very informative about a whole range of other aspects. I really enjoyed it and hope you feel it was well worth all your hard work.’
Felicity Austin, (On behalf of the Friends of St Peter and St Paul’s Church).

The pictures are courtesy of Ray Weston.